Jumping a bit ahead on our History of Computers line of posts, I got
Today is another fun day in History of Computers: on January 22, 1998, Chiat/Day
We continue our brief excursion in History of Computers. Next in line – Charles
In 1820 The Arithmometer (or Arithmomètre)  was the first mass-produced calculator invented by Charles Xavier
We are continuing our History of Computers category with the Jacquard mechanical loom (that
Infinitesimal calculus is the part of mathematics concerned with finding slope of curves, areas
Blaise Pascal, French mathematician and philosopher, is mostly know as the name behind a
Moving on with history of computing devices. In 1623, a Calculating Clock was first
Moving forward from Napier Rods and Napier’s contribution to calculating sticks based on the
What comes to your mind when you think of April 15th? How about a